Loving Adeola Speaks

LovingAdeolaSpeaks is an aspiring women empowerment brand focused on inspiring females between ages 18 – 35 to strive for emotional intelligence & healing, transparency in safe spaces and self love.

Lovingadeola believes with the right mindset, anything is achievable. As long as, we are willing to go on the interesting and delicate journey of self discovery. Adeola kicked off her self-love journey at the age of 25 after a horrific break-up and never looked back, although challenging, she loves the woman she is becoming and is excited about the future! The crucibles have taught her so much and rewarded her with lessons she hopes to share – the worst part is going through anything ALONE. We should always look out for each other and be kind to each other so it is only right I share my story for anyone out there who is going thorugh the same.

To truly create an impact, LovingAdeola is working on providing more stories through blog posts, a free weekly meet-up in her city (Baltimore) & a podcast for anyone too busy to read. Stay tuned!

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