Woman Evolve with Sarah

Hello loves!

A friend invited me to The Woman Evolve Tour created and hosted by Sarah Jake Roberts and it was emotional and empowering! I was able to pray and worship on a week night after work and honestly, it was the best feeling!

I enjoyed it so much I ended up writing in my journal and was able to gain clarity on some complex situations I had been reflecting on. Attending the event also inspired me to understand that once you find your purpose and are passionate enough to commit to it, the universe will support you. There was love, kindness, motivation, support and so many other feelings present that it made for a warm and safe ambiance.

There were also some giveaways and the most impactful I feel were these keys I’m about to share. Some you may know already but the choice of words used really gave me a deeper understanding of what determination and temporary discomfort

can do for us when chasing our dreams!

I hope they help you gain some clarity as we approach the end of 2019. I’m so close to saying happy new year in advance but we haven’t even celebrated Halloween or Christmas soooooo here you go;

5 keys to unlocking your dream

⁃ Dreamers that really accomplish a great thing always strive for more. The greatest robber of an extraordinary life is a really good life so always strive for more.

⁃ Just like you update your phone, update your dreams too! Don’t play out dreams others projected on you. Rethink and revisit them often. That way, you can make changes along the way and strategize as needed.

⁃ Dreamers that accomplish things embrace the stretch as a lifestyle. Don’t get comfortable being comfortable. If you decide you’re done stretching, you run the risk of not meeting a better version of yourself. That expansion of yourself is the distance between your comfort zone and your dream.

⁃ As you pursue your dreams, be sure to program your mind to expect a miracle. Manifest and it will happen. It’s critical to maintain the mindset as you journey to your dream. The more you do so, the easier it is to identify destiny helpers that come your way. You will also remain humble enough to ask for help when needed.

⁃ No dreamer is exempt from a season of difficulty. You must have something to keep you going – remind yourself that this dream is not about you if not when it’s tough, you will drop out. Ask yourself; who is this dream serving? A community?

I hope you feel as inspired as I was when you read this and In closing, ask yourself; If I don’t pursue this dream, which version of myself will I not get to meet?

Believe me when I tell you that a lazy approach towards your dreams can be a mid-life crisis waiting to happen. Go out there and push!

Love you,