Whitney Houston

Hey beautiful!
So last week my mind was bent on seeing Whitney (the movie) and it was worth it. There are some celebrities that seem relatable in a sense and most times I’m drawn to them. In Whitney’s case, it was a strong feeling.
After watching it, I encourage you to and will like to share some lessons inspired by the movie;
1. Most talented individuals know they have talent from an early age. It takes some form of cultivation and support to push and ignite it. Parents are usually the first to notice.
2. A mothers love can change a child’s life.
3. Discipline is never easy but necessary for change.
4. When a family starts to fall apart, the children suffer the most especially if in their formative years. Once you start becoming an adult though, I encourage you to get help to heal because no matter who you are, it does something to you.
5. Be careful of the company you keep. They are choices so pick wisely. Friends are not safety nets – you should be dependent yet independent.
6. Sexual fluidity is a thing. Be careful because curiosity can kill a cat. If your mind is not strong you might be confused about your sexual identity. Sexual trauma should also be dealt with if any i.e rape, molestation etc.
7. Money comes and goes. Do not let it define you.
8. Take care of family every chance you CAN.
9. The same way your friends matter, the person you chose to spend life with matters even more. They will either pull you up or pull you down.
10. Parents, prioritize your children and if not possible, find a way. They are the future and will honor you.
11. No matter where you find yourself, study the culture and try to adapt without losing yourself. It could be a new country, job etc.
12. Drugs….enough said.
13. Jealousy is a scary vice that makes the jealous individual ugly. If not careful, it can lead one to do evil things.
14. Failure is an event and not a definition of who you are.
15. Codependency is not love.
16. Be supportive but do not carry those around you be it family or friends.
17. Holding onto pain, eats you up and never the other. So your reaction to everything matters.
18. Death is inevitable. Parents prepare your children for it. It really is your responsibility. Don’t breed overly dependent and sheltered children.
19. Fix your childhood trauma or any after childhood. Deal with them, don’t suppress them and “fake move on”. They will creep up on you and can ruin your life. By childhood trauma it could be mental illness, molestation (which makes you question your sexuality), bullying, family divorce etc.
20. Shame is a powerful emotion. Empathy kills it so open up to safe loved ones.
You can be alive yet a zombie,
Just roaming earth,
Looking for yourself,
Not feeding anyone,
Running away from and to yourself,
Not knowing who you really are,
Money, people and love may be around you,
But as a zombie you won’t be able to feel or see these things and their value.
Take it easy my girl 🖤
Top and shorts – Forever 21
Hair – Ali express
Fanny pack – Aldo