Mellow Yellow, Mid May Madness.

Hey love!
How are you? I’ve had a lot going on in the last couple of weeks at work and mentally. My mum is also visiting in a week and I’ve been excited yet nervous. I haven’t seen her in about three years and I can’t wait to see her and catch up on life.
Work is kicking my butt but I’m up for the challenge. I’m learning that there is something positive about being uncomfortable, it’s like you become stronger and feel encouraged to keep going. Sadly, it seems like I need to relax on my need for perfection because I’m getting burnt out almost weekly and it will not be sustainable in the long run. May has started with me taking a step back after weeks of intense work and mental pressure. The only thing that has kept me sane is working out daily after work because I get to release some stress and stay fit. It also helps that it keeps my mind balanced and spirits up.
Anyway, I’m grateful for everything happening right now because I am going with the flow of life, I’m used to controlling everything but to just live, that is a hinderance.
What am I doing differently?
– Praying more often.
– Trying to drink more water.
– Not forcing connections.
– Staying still.
– Equating emotion vs logic.
– Keeping to myself (I try to be social but lately, I’m uninterested).
– I find that my job does make me happy even though I struggle sometimes, I always win. My ego wouldn’t have it any other way.
– I admire my boobs from time to time.
– Retail therapy.
– Enjoy dating.
– Meditate about life and what to blog about.
Over and out 🖤