OMG! January is over!

Hey loves!
We are in the first quarter of the year and so far so good I am well! I hope you are too so I’m checking in to provide some lifestyle tips on what to do to ensure that you are on the right path towards achieving your goals this year.
Tip 1.
Are you in sync with your religion and spirituality?
If no, why not and if yes, that’s awesome! Keep up the good work.
Tip 2.
Full body Physical.
When was your last check up? Have you ever gotten a pap smear girls? Do you know your BMI? Do you eat healthy?
Tell the truth, hahaha!
Tip 3.
How are your energy levels?
You really do get what you put out there so if it’s low, chances are you don’t have much fun or may not be happy. Try to figure out why so you can exude positivity.
Tip 4.
Have you been preserving yourself?
I learnt this the hard way due to graduate school, blogging and a finance career. I’ve had to sacrifice some stuff such as partying, a few relationships, dating and to an extent traveling! Sometimes you really need to do nothing and just relax. The benefits are endless, just google them.
Tip 5.
How is your credit/financial health?
Are you in debt? Do you earn as much as you deserve? How are your savings?
Check on the bag even while securing it!
Until next time loves 🖤
Outfit Details
Top – Asos
Pants – Forever 21 Plus
Shoes and Bag – Payless
Green lipstick – Dr M. by Colorpop and Midnight Wasabi by Fenty Beauty
Photographer – Ronke Raji

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