The Importance of Protecting your Peace



Happy Saturday suscribers and new comers! I hope you are well.

Today’s post stresses the importance of protecting your peace and well being plus I’m sure you will enjoy this post because we all struggle with this depending on the type of person we are.  As I continue on my self love journey, I find that peace of mind is so essential to me and it affects every decision I make from dealing with people to how I feel at work and even my dating life because the minute I get a negative vibe, I remove myself from the situation especially when I am not fully/partially vested there.

Here is what I mean, it’s harder to remove myself from dealing with an ex because we have so much history as opposed to a new friend I just met but over time, I eventually get to it. Lately, I started to lose myself because I pushed me a little too much; I almost forced dating a guy I didnt even like, a friendship that didn’t appreciate my effort and even a business that almost overlooked my contributions to its success.

As I realized my worth and how I wanted to feel, I pushed back on almost everything and imagine the result! I’m glad I didn’t chase the friendship as God showed me as sign that allowed me understand it probably wasn’t for me. Dating that guy would have failed because I have to like you to be with you, why feel guilty saying no when it is the best decision anyway? Lastly, the business realized my importance after declining their initial offer and accepting a second offer which is what I deserve. How do I feel? At peace because I put me first, know my worth and listened to my gut.

So many blessings occur when you prioritize peace. See a few below;

  • A total glow up is acheived because you are well rested & self care is never neglected hence making better choices.
  • Stress management becomes easier because you are still when peace is present so one is able to deal with stress better than most.
  • It also assists us with maintaining happiness which requires constant and mindful effort.
  • Boosts self confidence.
  • Growth is also easier since one is focused enough to work on getting to where they really want to be.
  • Lastly, clarity. I cannot tell you how many decisions I have made that went well and even exceeded expectation because I was/am at peace.

    I’m sure you agree with me loves, If you haven’t been concerned about finding your peace then get to it please. I promise you will feel better and over time the blessings are unbelievable.

You begin to grow into yourself, you see clearly and can easily sense when something is not for you.

Have a great weekend loves and as always, checkout my instagram page, follow and suscribe for more inspiring posts!



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