Quick tips on finding and getting to know yourself.



Hey girl, hey!

Here are some quick tips that helped me find, get to know and accept myself. I am sharing these with you in efforts to help anyone who is struggling with this. It is a tough process but if prioritized, can be achieved and even be a life saver from making bad choices in life.

  1. Spend time alone and It may sound crazy but also have conversations with yourself. Personally, I talk to myself almost every morning – I plan my day and tell myself how I want my day to go and honestly, it is powerful because 85% of the time, my day goes as planned.
  2. Be a witness of your thoughts and not a reflection. For instance; a colleague upsets you and your first thought is to be rude and avenge that little annoyance. This is a reflection of how you feel but if you simply let the thoughts be present yet react differently i.e let it go and move on you may have mastered the art of controlling your emotions.
  3. Talk to close friends and reveal past hurt, issues with family or friends, career challenges and even spousal troubles because we cannot harbor too much negativity and pain. It can be detrimental to our growth in life so it is important that you reveal and deal with things as they come so you can let go and create space for the new.
  4. Ensure that you have some kind of trusted support system. Off course within yourself first and then others. It can be family, friends or even your accountability partner.
  5. Listen to your GUT. I’m not sure why some girls question themselves when they have a hunch about something. Personally, my gut has never failed me. She is actually like a protective parent and when she feels a ‘vibe’, she is usually right and can make better choices. If my gut is ever wrong, I will be sure to be let you know ASAP.
  6. Pray for guidance to grow, comfort to deal with what you may find and strength to accept and love yourself unconditionally.
  7. Remove all excess in your life to create space for physical and mental clarity e.g give away clothes you don’t use, keep your space clean etc.
  8. Lastly, ask yourself why before you make any major decisions in life because to stick to it your reason has to be strong. If your ‘why’ is strong, discipline comes easier and you can stick through it no mater what.

I hope this helps someone out there and if you will like to talk to me about your journey, please leave your email address in the comments section below and I will get back to you.

Much love,



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