The Importance of an accountability partner.


What is an accountability partner?

An accountability partner is a friend you trust and confide in to hold you responsible for the goals and choices you make in life. I think everyone should have such a friend because we all need at least one person we can be truly honest with, excluding the judgement. Please note that this is deeper than just a normal friendship. Some get lucky and find this component within family or even his/her spouse but this is more for those who do not have such luck.

You may ask: Why can’t we do it ourselves?

It is because we are human and sometimes we get discouraged especially when life gets tough. You need a friend to check in with you from time to time. I have an accountability partner and we talk daily but check in on each other’s true feelings and happiness level I would say weekly. We try to discuss all areas from career, life purpose, finances, relationships with men and even our friends and family. It may sound so exposed but it is not a relationship I take for granted especially as a guarded millenial.

Another reason we need one is because we can be our own biggest critic sometimes and you also cannot heal what you don’t reveal. Opening up gives you a chance to release thoughts, ideas, feelings and even express your emotions in a judgement free zone. All your partner needs to do during moments like that is encourage you, redirect you back on track if distracted and even alert you if making a bad choice. Lastly, we get tired, lazy and sometimes end up procastinating on our goals but the right partner will bring it to your attention and help you find your balance so you can focus. Be it slacking on fitness goals, moving with unproductive circles, not loving yourself enough and even dating the wrong person.

How to pick/find an accountability partner.

It should be a friend who is loving, open-minded, calm, private, non-judgmental and mature. These traits are important but we won’t always find them. This is just to give you a general idea on what to look for. It could also be a male or female, the age group should be around yours or older and proximity close by.

3 guaranteed benefits of having an accountability partner.

  • A real-life self care reminder.
  • Support, encouragement and motivation.
  • Honesty which boosts clarity.

So far so good, having one has worked for me. It was not easy to actually find someone and open up willingly but God sent me the right person and it has been working out amazingly. We just had an argument yesterday when I told her to go back to school.
How sway? Lol!
Much later when the heat settled, she saw my point and will probably discuss next steps during our next check in. If she doesnt, I will encourage her until she is ready. No need to add additional pressure when life is hard enough already.

As always,
I love you all and feel free to contact me anytime to talk about anything,


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