It’s already July: Are you woke?

Looking for my goals, lol

 Happy mid-year all!

For a brief intro on the purpose of my blog, please refer to the about me page.
That being said, we can now jump into today’s post!

Today is my birthday and sadly this time last year, I promised myself to do better with everything going forward but I didn’t. Why? I did not set any goals or even pray about what I wanted so I’m not sure who I was deceiving besides myself.

I made some progress I won’t discredit but with planning and prayer, I am sure I would have achieved even more (If I’m being honest with my inner self). Mind you, these were necessary goals such as launch a fashion blog, lose 100 pounds, date the right man and not out of loneliness etc. I was able to lose 50 pounds, wasted my time dating the wrong guy when I didn’t even love me and lastly, created a blog but never really released a blog post. Sigh.

I said all that to say, planning and prayer are two key ingredients for a happy life. To achieve any goal, one should write steps and track progress to keep him/her on track. We are now in July and I’m sure on New Years eve you had the audacity to tell yourself you will achieve some new things; take that pottery class, socialize more, go back to school etc. If you fall in this category, 2017 is not over yet, you can take your power back, pray to God asking for focus and forge ahead towards achieving what you really want.

To help, the questions below can help you find clarity on the status of your goals so you know where you left off and can continue;

Do I love me? How am I feeling right now and lately? How was the first half of the year? Did I go through any life altering changes? Am I happy? Am I healthy? Do I need to reassess my finances? How is my credit score? How close am I to graduation (if in school)? Am I enjoying the relationship I am in? Is it healthy? Did I find my purpose? Do I enjoy my career? If yes, am I growing?

I hope this helps you get woke If you fell asleep on you.

Much love,


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